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Nethercutt Collection Tour

Brunch And Guided Tour Of Classic Cars / Hood Ornaments & Automated Musical Instruments

On Saturday, March 11, the Southwest Region will host a brunch and guided tour of the esteemed Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar. This museum features a collection of classic cars, including
several Duesenbergs, as well as hood ornaments, automated musical instruments including the
Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ. 

We will meet at the home of Denise Ferrari at 10:00 am for a catered brunch. That is followed by a sporty and scenic drive through the hills to Sylmar. We will be met by a docent for the approximately 90 minute tour. Afterwards members can visit the Nethercutt Museum across the street, which includes several Pebble Beach winners. Also available for viewing is the fabulous Clara Baldwin Stocker Pullman car behind the Collection. 

The all-inclusive cost is $49 per person.

For more details please contact:
Denise Ferrari -, (818) 317-5355

Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar
March 11, 2017
Denise Ferrari
Additional Information:
Saturday, March 11 2017
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FCA Southwest Region Event
FCA Southwest Region Event