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SCOUTING THE ROUTE: Kaneohe - Turtle Bay - North Shore (Hawaii)

If you would like to take your exotic car out for a spin and help us plan the route of the next drive, meet-up at:

Time & Location (All Times HST):
Before 8:30 am Kahala Mall (East Oahu owners) - by Long's on Starbucks side
At 8:45 am Bishop Museum (Honolulu-West Oahu owners) inside Main entrance by gate
After 9:00 am Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden (Windward owners) gate opens at 9:00 am - Initially wait in 1st parking lot on left side by Visitors Center. When you see us, follow us to the last parking lot of left side. We will park our cars and I'll give directions. If you arrive after 9:00 am and you don't see any exotic cars by the Visitor center, proceed to the last parking lot on the left side.

From Google satellite view I came up with:
• Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden
• Pookela Street
• Kea'ahala Spring
• Haiku Plantations Drive
• Valley of the Temples
• Ahuimanu: Ahumanu Road
• Kahaluu: Ahaolelo - Maple - Ahilama - Pulama
• Waiahole: Waiahole Valley Road
• Kaaawa: Kaaawa Valley Road
• Kahuku Shrimp Trucks

Breakfast/Lunch: Turtle Bay Resort: The Scouting the Route crew will determine the location from the following:

• Lei Lei's Bar and Grill - breakfast till 10:30 am, lunch after 10:30 am
• Kula Grill - closes at 10:00 am
• Roy's Beach House - opens at 11:00 am
• The Point Sunset & Pool Bar - opens at 11:00 am

If you are Scouting the Route, please review the restaurants ahead of time. We currently have reservations for 30 people on July 15th 9:30 am at Kula Grill. The buffet closes at 10:00 am, so we may not make it in time unless we start earlier or go direct. Lei Lei's may offer us more flexibility, so I also made reservations for 20.

After breakfast we will continue the drive:
• Pupukea Road
• Haleiwa Town
• Hwy 930 - Kauonahua Road
• Kunia Road

For registration information, please contact Milton Kawasaki at:

Oahu, Hawaii
June 24, 2018
Milton Kawasaki
Additional Information:
Sunday, June 24, 2018
FCA Southwest Region Event
FCA Southwest Region Event