Ferrari Club of America - Southwest Region

BASE 51 Simulation Racing Event

Ready to test your driving and simulation skills against FCA-SW's best and the world's best?

Event Price is $99.00 per person, and includes three (3) races, one entree and two (2) drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Entrees include choice of Cheeseburger sliders; Pulled pork sliders; Chicken Focaccia; Salciccia Flatbread; or Caesar or Chefs Salad. We will provide BASE 51 with our choices a few days before or day of event.

Track format decided by BASE 51 on week of event.

Points awarded in F1 group. Winner 10 points, Second Place 8, Third Place 6, 4th 5, 5th 4, 6th 3, 7th 2 and 8th 1. One Extra point for fastest lap. There are twelve (12) spots available...2 for F1 and 10 for F2.

BASE 51, 12831 Cerise Ave., #B, Hawthorne, CA 90250
January 25, 2020
Marcus Mancini
Additional Information:
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 10:30 am
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FCA Southwest Region Event
FCA Southwest Region Event