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Corse Southwest - Track Day at Willow Springs

The FCA-SW Region and Fast Toys Club are excited to present CORSE SOUTHWEST. ‘Southwest Tracks’ is a track and driving instruction created specially for Ferrari owners in the Southwest Region.

Friday, March 29, 9 am - 5 pm on the Big Willow circuit at Willow Springs Raceway.

CORSE SOUTHWEST focuses on education and provides Ferrari owners an immersive instruction environment. Participants will safely explore the performance of their Ferrari, within the boundaries of each individual’s personal comfort zone, and learn the skills necessary to build upon a solid foundation. With increased peace of mind and confidence, participants will be able to extract more complete enjoyment from their Ferrari whether they are on the track, on a casual weekend getaway, or on a club drive.

CORSE SOUTHWEST provides FCA members a chance to share in the passion and excitement that is the DNA of Ferrari’s rich motorsport heritage.

The day’s program includes coffee, pastries, a delicious catered lunch, refreshments, snacks, and is open to both beginner and advanced level drivers (and paid guests).

Beginner drivers will receive one-on-one instruction and carry out a complete hands-on coaching program. Instructors will teach and stress fundamentals that will provide the foundation for each participant’s growth as a driver.

Advanced drivers will enjoy track time to exercise their cars and skills on Willow Springs' famous fast track.

Guest instructors with racing experience will be on-hand for all run groups.

All track activities will be managed by Fast Toys Club with Willow Springs course staff / corner workers according to accepted practice. Consistent to that approach, safety will remain priority number one.

Snell-rated helmets will be available for rent.

Although we strongly encourage you to bring your Ferrari, Ferraris will not be required.

2 Classes:
Novice Drivers: $635
Advanced Drivers: $365* (with approval by the organizers)
Guests: $50

*Advanced Drivers contact event organizers for sign up instructions.

Event Organizers: Jim Hunter: & Shawn Dutton:

Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, CA
March 29, 2024
Jim Hunter
Additional Information:
Friday, March 29, 2024
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FCA Southwest Region Event
FCA Southwest Region Event