Ferrari Club of America - Southwest Region

Tech Tip - 512TR Brake Squeal Revisted

Jeffrey Wilson, Director of Technical Services and Parts for Ferrari North America, has some concern about the solution for the brake squeal problem in the 512 TRs, as recommended in a Tech Tip in Sempre Ferrari, Volume 2, Issue 2. The factory?s alternative approach is listed below:

"After contacting the Ferrari Factory?s Technical Department, I would like to provide our view as to the proper way to address the brake squeal in this particular automobile. We feel that this brake squeal, when it exists, is solely due to the overheating and/or the improper "bedding in" of the new brake pads. This situation can be cured by removing the pads, which should show signs of the metallic particles, scraping these metallic particles from the pad, cleaning and sanding the pad as well as chamfering the edges of the pad material and reinstalling the pad. Following the proper run-in procedure, which also applies to new brake pads, that is, light braking at low speeds followed by light braking at moderate speeds and at high speed with braking pressure increased during this time. We feel that this should reduce the amount of brake squeal most vehicles exhibit, however, keep in mind that the configuration of our braking system does not lend itself to removing the squealing completely. However, it is, therefore, still possible to have a "groan" type noise just before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. This is due to the nature of the crossed drilled rotors on the vehicle."

The FCA Southwest Region will submit all tech tip articles, which effect safety or emissions controls, to Jeffrey Wilson for his comments before they are published. We cannot stress too highly the importance of maintaining the integrity built into our cars by Ferrari and complying with all Federal and State laws.

We appreciate the support of Ferrari North America and their dealers. We also value the independent service and parts facilities who help us with keeping our cars, especially older ones, on the road. Our goal is to work with everyone who loves Ferraris and helps to keep them running.

If you have technical questions about your car please write them to us and we will get the answers.

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