Wash & Wax

For those of you that did not attend the "wash and wax" event on February 24th, hosted by Mike Lederman of Ogner Ferrari and conducted by Mr. Bob McGaha of Mequiar?s, you missed a truly informative happening. We had another great turn-out of over thirty members who learned about proper care of the paint on their Ferraris. Bob started with the line up of products this fine California firm produces from cleaners to polishes to paste and liquid waxes. As well he explained the differences and their uses; from how to wash your car with their "Hi-Tech Wash" to what towels (cotton-bath) for polishing and the newest and best all purpose product of them all, "Medallion" premium polish-wax.

He admits that most of us with cars that don?t get left out in the weather and that receive well above average care don?t need the restoration of cleaner-polishes and then waxes. The new Medallion meets all of those requirements for a paint job that is in good condition. Further it is easily applied and removed. For those of you that want to add that extra concours finish he continues to suggest the use of our old friend "Number 7 Glaze" as a finishing touch. One more product that really stands out is what we have all been using to wipe our cars off just before the judge comes by. It has been known as "Final Inspection" or newly named as "Quik Detailer" mist and wipe. What a great idea. This mist enhances gloss and protection between waxing for fast touchups on all paint finishes.

Bob McGaha at Ogner FCA members look on as Bob McGaha talks about the tools and products to use when waxing your Ferrari.

Bob went on to demonstrate the use of orbital buffers and the application of polishes. He had many suggestions on how to prepare your car for show through the use of detailing brushes and applicator pads.

McGaha with Buffer Bob shows the proper use of an orbital buffer on a black Ferrari at Ogner Motorcars.

My suggestion to you is try the wonderful line of Mequiar?s products - chances are your professional shop already is and secondly watch these pages as we are planning another event for Bob "the Wax Wizard" to impart on us his knowledge of restorative powers.

Again - thanks to Mike Lederman and Eric Steven?s of Ogners for the brunch and an impromptu tech session on maintenance of the valve train and the need for "checking your shims" regularly. They?re the pros. See them for all contemporary and vintage service.