Ogner at Willow

On March 30th, 37 cars ventured to Willow Springs International Raceway for the first annual Ogner Motorcars Race School.

Eight 355?s were in evidence as well as a smattering of 308?s-348?s and mondials.

The Maranello contingent was pitting with no less than three twin-turbo Porsche?s and eight new 993 C-4?s as well as C-4 sports.

With a quick breakfast hosted by Michael Lederman at the dealership, 15 cars caravaned to Willow at speeds of less than 100 mph but definitely not 55. A CHP female officer stopped one of the drivers in a wide-body C-4 Porsche Cabrolet but did not give him a ticket, just a warning. I even cruised in my Turbo-diesel Suburban with trailer in tow, much to the surprise of the others.

Upon arriving at Willow everyone was introduced to Danny McKeever of Fast Lane Driving School and his band of merry-men (instructors). Commencing with forty minutes of classroom instruction everyone went quickly to the course for practice. Groups were divided into beginners with moderate skills, intermediate and the fast guys. After numerous laps with and without instructors a BBQ lunch was served by Monica and Michael Lederman. Robert Reilly did the chicken while Michael attended to the tri-tips and Italian sausage. I must say it turned out great. All the food was gone except for a few scrawny wings, and I gave those to Eric.

The afternoon brought on more personal instruction, with quick laps, a wet skidpad and controlled driving situations. Drivers were doing over 100 mph average and not a person had a ding or chip on their car. A few "doughnuts" were done by a black twin turbo Porsche that ran out of straight-a-way and proceeded to do 360?s two times and keep the car going straight. What?? Talent????

With cold beverages trackside keeping the body temperatures down as the sun was really hot we concluded a day of great driving experience.

On September 28th - Sunday, we will again have the Ferrari-Porsche challenge at Willow Springs. This is an open event for all Ferrari Club of America members and their family - limited to 25 cars. There will be a timed section and we urge all of you to bring out your cars, get great instruction, and drive at your own pace. No-one gets in over their head as long as they follow the instructors. It?s truly a rare opportunity to learn to drive fast and properly.

Marv Landon and Michael Lederman invite you to this drivers school and racing clinic. Please contact Michael at Ogner Motorcars - 818-884-4411 or fax 818-884-8747

The killer BBQ will be better than ever and families are welcome. Be Phil Hill for a day - a nominal fee entitles you to a day at the track, lots of thrills, plenty of laughs, great food - all a great experience. See you Sunday Sept. 28.