Meet at RPMS

Add yet another great meeting to our recent list of phenomenal membership meetings.

March?s meeting followed close on the heels of the one at Ferrari of Beverly Hills but was no less a success. The club was very fortunate to be able to enjoy the generosity and hospitality of Dr. William Cryan and his wife Jan at their newly formed Racer?s Private Motor Sports Club (R.P.M.S.).

Located in conjunction with the fine Restaurant La Grotte in Long Beach, R.P.M.S. is the first club of its kind in the United States. As a private motor sports club, it offers a location where racing enthusiasts can come together to socialize and share their enthusiasm and exchange information regarding the wide range of motor sports that have become available to them through international tele-communications.

The decor of R.P.M.S. is dedicated to motoring activities, from the black Lamborghini Diablo VT parked at the entrance to the walls covered with displays of automotive art and photographs as well as a unique collection of automotive memorabilia. In addition, there is on site an extensive library of automotive reference books as well as a select collection of videotapes relevant to motoring activities.

Given this, it is no surprise that R.P.M.S. was a perfect location for our Club?s meeting in March. Not only was the location interesting but the sit-down dinner, prepared by La Grotte was fabulous as well. This is despite the fact that our turn-out was much greater than the chef had expected.

It is important to emphasize that it is very rude to show up to an event like this without RSVPing. Friends like Dr. and Jan Cryan are generously giving their own time and money to help the club and the least we can do is have the courtesy to RSVP so that they can properly plan. We have been very fortunate to have generous friends like the Cryans, the Ferrari dealers, the Marconis, etc. and we don?t want to have to resort to requiring advanced sign-up forms and/or charge for our meetings like many clubs do. Please RSVP when requested.

At the meeting we not only enjoyed good food and fine art, we were also able to conduct the business of electing our first Board of Directors. See the President?s Corner on page 1 for a list of the nine individuals voted to the board. Now that we have an official board, we won?t confuse the name of our future membership meetings (we called them "board" meetings for a while there). These meetings are for you to enjoy and for us to communicate to you via. The board will hold its own small business meetings as required. The next two Membership Meetings will be at Ogner Motorcars (probably over by the time you read this) and European Auto Restorations. Please plan on coming out - they?ve been events to remember.