Monterey Drive

Article and Photo by Bill Inglis

The Hills Come Alive With the Sounds of Ferraris

Our members blanketed nearly every automotive related event that took place in Monterey Bay during the last weekend of August. In this issue we've asked a few of the participants to write on their first person experiences of their events that we hope you will find enlightening.

The day was Thursday, August 26th. Fourteen cars assembled at Taft High in Woodland Hills for the express purpose of running up the freeway to the Monterey weekend. At about ten minutes until 9:00 in the morning, we got away and went north on Highway 101 under cloudy skies.

There were a lot of 308's, a couple of 328's; 355's and Testarossas were the prevalent cars in the group. I was driving an ASA 1000 GT that I had just finished restoring. My wife was with me, however she followed me in the family BMW, just in case. I had good luck and made it all the way up and all the way back without a hitch.

My little car wasn't very fast, so most of the group was away ahead of me and arrived at Café Roma in San Luis Obispo for lunch before us. Café Roma put on a buffet with excellent choices, including a chicken dish, as well as cheese ravioli. Also, there were vegetable side dishes and absolutely delicious deserts. I think the idea of having a buffet lunch rather than ordering off of a menu is better for the club because we were able to get back on the highway in little over an hour.

After lunch, about half of the group decided to go by way of Highway 1 and the other half of us decided to take the faster route up 101.

The notable thing of the weekend was the fact that it rained from Santa Barbara until San Luis Obispo. After we finished lunch it quit raining, and we didn't have any more weather the rest of the weekend.

What was even more amazing is that three of our members who were on the trip, Tony Hart, Carlos Amato, and Bob Crotty, all wound up with awards at the Concorso Italiano the next day displaying their 308's at Quail Lodge. It sounds like everybody was up all night cleaning their cars. All and all, I think we had a great time and we look forward to next year, which will be the year of the Ferrari at Concorso Italiano.