Well, the big event has come and gone. I hope you were there because it lived up to and beyond all expectations.

To describe Monterey 1994 as the greatest Ferrari event ever organized is surely no exaggeration. The quantity and quality of the full week?s program was a testimony to its importance. The last week in August is considered by automobile enthusiasts and connoisseurs a not-to-miss opportunity. Each year the Peninsula hosts two events unequaled in the world: the Pebble Beach Concours d?Elegance and the Monterey Historic Car Races. Of course, this year Ferrari was the featured marque, as it was ten years ago. Add to that the annual meet of the FCA and you get the most beautiful, glorious cars in the world on display and racing.

Lunch in SLO Members who caravaned to Monterey stop for a sumptuous lunch at Cafe Roma in San Luis Obispo, courtesy of Ferrari of Beverly Hills.

I heard rumor that there were over 1,000 Ferraris in the area that week! I don?t know if that?s true or not but there were certainly over 270 classic Ferraris at the FCA Concours on Wednesday and that doesn?t include many cars that came up later in the week or many of the more modern cars that weren?t shown but make up the largest number of Ferraris in the U.S. so it doesn?t seem impossible. Keep in mind, over the last 47 years Ferrari has only built about 60,000 in the entire world.

The logistics of planning a meet like this must be staggering but I thought that every aspect of it was first class and extremely well organized. From Registration to the meals, rally organization, track events, and other events, the week was unparalleled. My compliments to everyone involved.

Here are some of the highlights for me:

My first highlight started as early as Registration. The whole thing was well organized and staffed and by the time I left I had: two bags, one seat cushion, an official program, an event guide, a book of tickets for all the events I signed up for, two posters, laminated name badges, a slew of brochures, and a special edition hardbound copy of Stanley Nowak?s fine book Ferrari Spyder California. Before the week ended I added a picnic blanket with an embroidered FCA logo, official Ferrari sales brochures on the F355 and 456GT, more posters, a watch, etc. All in all, an impressive haul.

The Il Mercado Di Ferrari, alongside Registration was also first class. The Italian market atmosphere made all the vendor?s wares look that much more appealing.

I didn?t get up to Monterey until Wednesday night so I didn?t attend the Concours. Perhaps another reader can submit an article on it for next month?s Newsletter.

My first real "event" was the rally on Thursday and it was a blast. This was my first rally and I learned a lot about paying attention to signs and directions while driving along some of the most beautiful costal scenery in the country. This was an especially enjoyable event because my wife, Sunni, was an integral participant as navigator. She did a great job and we never got lost but we sure did miss a lot of "SIs" (Special Instructions) and some of the "Gimmicks" (roadside signs and markings). This was more an indication of my heavy right foot than her navigating.

Start of Rally A view of the rally starting line from the driver?s seat.

The rally was a particularly good event for many of the Ferrari club members who traveled from far away to attend and weren?t able to bring their Ferraris because rental cars worked just fine (sometimes better, I suspect). However, the coveted GT award made sure that lots of recently restored Concours-quality cars were out there competing as well.

The rally ended at the site of a new upscale ho