By Marvin Landon

I am reporting to you on my recent trip to Dallas to attend the FCA National Board Meeting.  Present were the Presidents and the National Directors of the Club.  Ron Profili, President of the FCA, presided over the meetings.  Also in attendance was Stuart Robinson, President of FNA, and his Director of Sales Richard Sherbet.

We heard from Bob Smith about the Texas meet from May 30 to June 3rd of this year.  This event has been well planned and thought out.  If you can make it you will enjoy it profusely.  The hotel is very nice and the track, built as a private club, looks very interesting and professional.  The concours location is great.  They will have busses and you will feel pampered in Texas style luxury. 

The Board Meeting is for us to see what is new at National and for each of the regional Presidents to report on our region?s status.  All of the Regions seemed very active and motivated.  .Saturday night I presented our 2002 Meet.  Everyone shared in our enthusiasm for this event

On Sunday I reported on the status of the Southwest Region.  As far as membership goes, we rank 3rd with 549 members, behind the Pacific Region with 578 and the Central State Region with 552 members. FCA National has over 5000 members.

A push to start chapters is the call from the Board and we have Arizona and San Diego formed.  Several regions have started new chapters and a few were invited to attend the Board Meeting.  The chapters will bring events closer to our members.

Stuart Robinson could not have been more supportive of the club and stayed for most of the meetings.  He interacted and in many instances offered help from FNA. 

Ron Profili talked about the F1 race in Indy and how it will again be a huge success this year.  Everyone I talked to said it was so well done and they had such a good time.

I think you can see the FCA is alive and well and moving and shaking as a club.  It is growing and achieving new heights.  Your region is also in good shape and looking forward to great events this year and focusing on 2002 to create a world class meet.

Cordially yours,

Marv Landon

FCA Southwest Regional President