With my position of Club President now at a close, I would like to thank all members of the FCA for their overwhelming support over the last two years.  It has been a great pleasure to serve the club and to work with such an extraordinary group of people.  As we start a new two-year term, led by Bill Inglis and his new officers, I believe the club will reach new levels of excellence.  I would like to recognize a few key members whose dedication and commitment continues to make our Southwest Region an ongoing success:

Tom Brockmiller - heads our event activities, contributes his time to every event and also co-edits our newsletter

Wally Clark - co-editor of the newsletter, is always involved and offering his assistance

Bill Inglis - active with all aspects of the club, contributes greatly with his leadership

Marshall Leib - helps plan and organize events and comes through when we need him

Rose Cogan - handles our advertising (which pays for Sempre Ferrari) and who comes to our events and board meetings

Murray Cogan - who has diligently provided the minutes for each board meeting, also contributes his leadership and dedication to whatever the club is planning

Cy Yedor - our guiding light, adds stability and economic influence which has made our club one of the most fiscally solid chapters in the FCA

The Quadts' - Carolyn and Brian - who manage our membership and offer their assistance any way they can

Don West - adds wisdom in event coordination

Demetri Zafiris - manages the club office and Treasury functions

Gary Schreiber - for his legal assistance

Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Tex Otto for his work on the newsletter and creation of the 2002 Event logo.

I would also like to thank a special group who show their support by attending club meetings and offer help, which adds to the stability and organization of club activities. Just to mention a few of you: Walter Meyer, Carlos Amato, Drew Kelley and Kevork Hazarian.

As we count off the months and days until 2002, we hope all of you participate with the International Meet on Memorial Weekend 2002. Once again, it was a pleasure to serve the Southwest Region as President.

Cordially yours,


Marv Landon

FCA Southwest Regional President