By Bill Inglis

Dear FCA Members,  

October was a wonderful month.  My wife and I attended the Orange Coast Concours d?Elegance in San Juan Capistrano. Ferrari was the featured marque on an absolutely spectacular sunny day.  Later on in the month, my wife and I were fortunate enough to go to Tino Mingori?s Death Valley Ride and Drive.  The Furnace Creek Inn was, as always, spectacular.  The weather was wonderful all three days. Other than a few minor complaints about soreness and stiffness from the horseback ride, everybody left on Sunday morning feeling they had a wonderful time with compliments all around about Tino?s organizational skills at putting together a truly spectacular weekend.

Our chairman, Marv Landon, and event coordinator Tom Brockmiller, have been seriously working behind the scenes looking for sponsorship for our 2002 international meet to be held here in Los Angeles. It appears there are a number of smaller sponsors who are going to step up and help with the 2002 event. The club is getting near crunch time for sponsorships to appear and fortunately, we are picking up some interest from not only companies but individuals as well.  I believe we will have a very positive report early next year regarding our international meet.

It is that time of the year and the holidays are upon us. I would like to extend best wishes to all the members of the Ferrari Club of America in the hopes that the 2002 will be the best year ever for all the Ferrari club members and the club as well.