Skeets Wins

Congratulations to Skeets Dunn of Rancho Santa Fe, winner of the GT Award at the FCA National Meet in Monterey.

The GT Award is often called the most prestigious award given at the FCA National Meet. It symbolizes excellence in achievement of the Club?s primary purpose for existence - that is both the preservation and exercise of the marque. A recurrent theme at FCA events is "Ferraris were meant to be driven." The GT Award embodies that spirit and recognizes those owners/drivers whose sense of pride in their Ferraris is such that they keep their cars in Concours condition (85 point minimum in 1994), yet drive them in both the rally and on the track to experience Ferrari?s competition heritage.

Skeet?s 275 GTB Comp Skeets Dunn?s GT Award-winning 275 GTB-Comp.

The award is for those owners who exemplify the true spirit of the Ferrari and drive to enjoy the sound of the engine at a shift point and know that inner smile when they feel the suspension bite after taking a late apex. It is for the owner who chooses to venture out onto a less traveled byway some early Sunday morning for the sheer joy of experiencing the unique feeling of driving a Ferrari as it was meant to be driven.

Our GT Award recipients will know from their own experience that a Ferrari must be driven regularly to keep the shocks from leaking and the brakes from pulling. They know that you learn very little of the Ferrari experience from just visiting a Concours or a museum.

The Ferrari is designed to be driven and Skeets did it - Congratulations.

275 GTB-Competition Model

  • Class Winner FCA Concours
  • 4th Place in the FCA Rally
  • Stopped traffic in turn 11 at Laguna Seca during the FCA track event (that?s a story for Skeets to tell)
  • GT Award Winner

Congratulations also go out to our other Southwest Region Winners:

  • Ron Hein, the ultimate restorer, his "we just finished the upholstery Thursday night" 250 GT Series I PF Cabriolet won 1st in Class at the Pebble Beach Concours on Sunday.
  • Patrick Smiekel whose 365 GTB/4 Prototype won 2nd in Class.