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Tech Tip - Adjusting Steering Columns

By: Dr. Carlton Fung

I used to get aggravated at the test reports of the 308 and 328 where they complained the steering wheel was tilted too high. Well it turns out the tilt of the steering wheel is easily adjusted but the 308/328s came from the factory with the wheel adjusted in the full up position for the Italian driving style.

If you take the dash trim piece off below the steering column (held on with a few screws), you can take off the lower steering wheel housing (note: some screws are different lengths so keep track which hole they came out of). You should then be able to see two long horizontal bolts which ride in slots on the steering column support. Simply loosen the two nuts on these bolts and you can then tilt the wheel up and down to a more comfortable position. Tighten the nuts when you get the wheel positioned how you want it. Then put the steering wheel lower housing and the trim piece back on and you're ready to go.

Before you button things back up, make sure you can still see the gauges. Depending upon your height, dropping the wheel down will also cut off the fuel gauge and water temp. Taller folks might lose the top of the speedo and tach. You may want to adjust the seat back angle to make sure you can live with the changes.

About the author: Carlton Fung is a 34 year old semi-retired dentist with a dental practice in Redondo Beach California and more hobbies than time. His mechanical backround comes from hot rodding his dad's Porches as a kid but he always considered Ferraris as a must own. He bought his first 308GTS as soon as he could afford to - the thought was "forget homeownership, you can sleep in your Ferrari but you can't drive your house!" He has owned several more Ferraris since then (as well as a house) and has performed his own V-8 rebuilds and hot rodding. He emphasizes hot rodding mostly to beat Porches - it's a personal hang-up.

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