From the Desk of Everything that is Ferrari

By: Matt Ettinger

The membership committee thought they'd put together a short note on a few good reasons why you should join the Ferrari Club of America and the Southwest region:

The very heart and fabric of our FCA membership is "Everything that is Ferrari." The spirit, the soul, the excitement, the sound, the look, the past, and what the future has to bring.

The FCA, and especially the Southwest region, has many exciting "Ferrari Moments" planned so that you can be a part of "Everything that is Ferrari." You don't even have to own one. The mere fact that Ferrari enters your life, in whatever shape or form, causes your pulse to speed up just a tad.

Please send in the membership form found in the newsletter. If you have any questions regarding membership in the Southwest region of the FCA, please contact our membership chairman, Matthew Ettinger.

Join now and be a part of "Everything that is Ferrari" - the Ferrari Club of America, Southwest region.