F355 World Tour at the Petersen

By: Wally Clark

On Monday, August 18, we had about 140 members and guests attend the Los Angeles unveiling of the Ferrari F355 World Tour car at the Petersen Auto Museum. This car is on its way around the world on a good will tour to prove the reliability and visibility of the F355. The car is being driven from city to city by automotive journalists, who autograph the side of the car when it is handed over to the next drivers.

After its Los Angeles appearance, the car will go to various other U.S. cities on its way to New York where the tour will end.

Mr. Gianpaolo Letta of Ferrari North America addressed the group on the tour and the travels of the car and also showed us a video of the Ferrari 50th gathering in Rome.

FCA member Charles Betz also addressed the group about the cars on display at the Museum and on the early days of Ferrari ownership.

Food was supplied by Michael Osborne's Pie and Burger, a feast that was not to be missed!

Thanks to the Petersen Automotive Museum, Ferrari North America, and Beverly Hills Ferrari for helping organize the event.