All the Way on Mulholland Highway

The Highly Successful Ride and Drive on a Beautiful Sunday

By: William G. Inglis

Believe it or not, it stopped raining on Sunday, March 22nd, and we were provided with a spectacular sunny day throughout our ride and drive. We left the intersection of Winnetka and Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills at approximately 10:45 on Sunday morning with 21 cars and were winding our way up to Topanga Boulevard and heading south before the first car had a failure. An absolutely beautiful fly-yellow 246 Spider blew an oil line in the first two miles of our ride. Fortunately for all of us. Jeff Littman, who owns Sierra Towing, was following us with a flatbed. Jeff has offered this service for all of our ride and drives free of charge. The fly-yellow 246 was whisked away, and we were again on our ride and drive with a new flatbed (courtesy again of Sierra Towing) following us through the Santa Monica Mountains. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way to the Pacific Ocean, a pristine black 308 blew a lower water hose, and the second of Jeff?s flatbeds did another emergency pickup.

The rest of the day was uneventful (we were running out of flatbeds). There was some tight driving through curves and beautiful scenic views of the green mountains and the Pacific Ocean. We also dropped off at the Rock Store and looked over approximately 150 road bikes of all types, including some fancy outfits worn by the riders. Late in the day, we wound up at the Sagebrush Cantina and had self-preferred parking right in the front row, not far from another 50 to 75 Harleys that were parked there for the Sunday afternoon festivities. We had a late lunch and a lot of camaraderie, and I was very pleased to hear a lot of newcomers to the club say they really enjoyed themselves. We did not eat lunch until after 3:00, and a number of cars had to leave before lunch because of prior commitments. On the next ride, I promise to make luncheon arrangements that are more acceptable to all the drivers and their riders.