Tech Day at Ogners

Tech Day at Ogners

On Saturday December 10, 1994 Ogner Motorcars held a breakfast and tech clinic conducted by Eric Sanders, a technician at the dealership, on new oils, new gear oil, brake maintenance, and other owner related items.

The meeting was well attended with 22 members showing up bringing such road stars as 275 GTB-4 in yellow, one of the last Super America?s, a Daytona, and various TRs, Boxers, 328s, and 308s.

Seen about were Murray Cogan, Marshall Lieb, Robert White, Tino Mingori, Mark Dees, Phillip Brown, Michael Kainer, Alan Bishop, Jim Truitt, Marv Landon, Don Mader, and many others. Although breakfast was New York City stage deli variety, the tech talk was all Italian.

See the ad to the right regarding an offer for fluid changes with the new oils and filters to members at a very nice discount. This is just one of the ways that authorized dealers associate themselves with FCA members.

Michael Lederman and Eric Sanders of Ogner Motorcars will be tech inspecting cars for the February Willow Spring Alfa-Ferrari racing event. Please call Michael Lederman for any information regarding taking your street Ferrari to Willow Springs. The phone number is: 818-884-4411. Fax is: 818-884-8747.