President's Corner

By: Judd Goldfeder

March was a busy month. A big THANK YOU to Bill and Jan Cryan for making our March membership meeting special. They hosted a delicious sit down dinner at their Racers Private Motor Sports Club in Long Beach.

Our treasury is $750.00 richer thanks to Shin Takei, Mike Sheehan, Cy Yedor, Matt Ettinger, Marshall Leib, Jeff Littrell, Alan Woodard, Murray Cogan, and Mike Yedor. They drove their Ferraris and chauffeured a private party of bankers from Newport Beach to the Marconi Racing Museum.

At the March membership dinner the election of our first board of directors was announced: Tom Brockmiller, Murray Cogan, Judd Goldfeder, Marv Landon, Jeff Littrell, Shin Takei, Steve Tillack, Cris Vandagriff, and Cy Yedor were elected directors. The following Tuesday the board met and elected officers: Judd Goldfeder is President, Tom Brockmiller is Vice President, Murray Cogan (with help from Rose) is Secretary, and Cy Yedor is Treasurer.

My vision for the Club is: "Participation by Members and Variety of Events."

We will sponsor and publicize a variety of events to appeal to as many members as possible. We recognize you have diverse interests; track events, social dinners, technical sessions, and car shows, for example. We will sponsor different types of events and have them in places which are convenient to different groups of members. We realize that other organizations sponsor events in which you, our members, will have an interest so we will publicize those too.

A club?s strength and life comes from members participating in organizing activities as well as participating in the events themselves. We will have committees to plan events, to purchase and sell regalia, to telephone members to invite them to meetings, and to solicit membership. In addition, we will have regional co-chairpersons in the Valley, Orange County, and San Diego to work with the activities committees to organize regional events. Based on interests marked on the membership application we will call members to invite participation in committee activity. If you have a particular area of interest please call me or the committee chair who is listed in every Sempre Ferrari.

Most of our events will be open to members of the FCA as well as members of the FOC. It is my goal to have participation in events by as many Ferrari owners and those who are interested in these "special" cars as possible. Cooperation between our Clubs is one way of accomplishing that goal.

We will continue the pattern of having monthly meetings on the last Tuesday of each month which are open to all members. If you have ideas for a location or topic for a meeting please call Tom Brockmiller or myself.

This is a fun Club. We will have a variety of events and hopefully you will participate. Thanks for making it possible by your membership and by coming to events.