Ferrari Art by Dave Maestrejuan

The artwork that you see on this page was contributed by FCA Southwest Region member and artist, Dave Maestrejuan.

Dave has been drawing since he was a little kid. In the mid sixties he became interested in auto racing through family hot rod projects, slot cars and the popularity of mid-sixties Le Mans. He started drawing race cars in school and quickly became enamored by the beautiful Ferrari Formula cars and P4s. He received several art scholarships and attended the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design.

His artwork has been published in books, magazines and newsletters and can be found in many private collections across the country. He has done portraits for many club members, and/or their cars. He enjoys working on early Ferrari cars as well as the other styling shapes. His Ferraris include a 1978 308GTS and a 1959 250GT which he is currently restoring.

Dave works in many different styles, all depending upon the look desired. The bold look presented here was used so that it would reproduce well in the newsletter where we try to keep reproduction costs to a minimum.

We are fortunate that Dave has offered to create original artwork for us to use to dress up Sempre Ferrari issues. This is just another example of members devoting time and effort to the club to make it better. Look for his work to be a continual feature.