Grand Touring Cars Open House

Article by: Jim Riff, Photos by: Christian Roe

az3.jpg (29025 bytes)On March 27, the Phoenix area held its second event of the season at GTC, Grand Touring Cars of Scottsdale Arizona.

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Our host Harley Cluxton, graciously opened his shop and museum for the Ferrari Club?s dinner social. Thirty one Ferraris attended, ranging from a TDF to a new 355F1. Dinner was held in GTC?s lavish service area and tables were nestled next to three Cobra Daytona Coupes, P4, 275GTB/4S, SWB California, and others. A grand Italian dinner was provided by Sharkos, a former Chicago eatery now located in the valley. The GTC collection of Gran Prix and Indy/Cart open wheel cars were also on display, along with extensive automotive art work collection from LeMans and the Gran Prixs of the world.

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