President's Corner

By Marv Landon

The club is in good standing with membership at 537 as of October 1, 1999. At our last couple of Board meetings we adopted new policies, some of which are:

The newsletter will have an absolute mailing date that will not be altered for any reason. In the past we have adjusted the publishing date for any number of reasons which now will not happen.

We have created new financial reports to include budgets for all expense areas.

An endowment fund with the interest income being donated to charity is now in place.

We will show our calendar for a rolling 12 months, allowing for better membership planning.

We are working to raise a fund to acquire a trailer that will act as our club center for display at all events. If you would like to help us with this project, call Fred Bogardus at 310-410-1022.

The 2002 National is to be hosted by the FCA Southwest Region and Chaired by Michael Yedor. The event is getting in full swing and he needs help. So if you can volunteer, we can use your participation.

Walter Meyer and Carlos Amato are creating our vision statement to connect to our mission statement, look for this soon.

We continue to have Board meetings on Saturday, the second of each month, and invite you to come and participate in planning the future of the FCA Southwest Region.

Marv Landon