The Concours d'Elegance in Santa Barbara Featuring Ferrari

article and photos by Wally Clark

Sunday September 19, 1999

Over 50 Ferraris graced the field at Santa Barbara City College, an event long missing from the car enthusiasts calendar. The day was beautiful and over all the car entries exceeded 180. Packard was also featured which celebrated their 100th anniversary.

Our club provided trophies for six classes and the concours organizer provided four awards of merit for the over all Ferrari class.

Thanks to Tom Shaugnessey for acting as Chief Judge for the Ferrari Classes, and thanks to all the club members who were recruited to help with the judging. Also thanks to all the club members who brought out their cars. The field was magnificent!

Awards of Merit for Ferraris of Particular Distinction

First 1951 Ferrari 212 "Touring" Gary Roberts
Second 1954 Ferrari 250GT Special Body Mark Ketcham
Third 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Spyder Thomas Mouradick
Fourth 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Richard Handin

Class Awards

Early Cars

1st 1953 342 America Jack Thomas
2nd 1967 330 GTS Deane Gardner
3rd 1963 250 GTL Lusso Gary Dunton


1st 1971 Daytona Spyder Thomas Mouradick
2nd 1969 365 GT 2+2 Phil Tripoli
3rd 1971 365 GT 2+2 Randy Rudnick


1st 1972 246 GT Arthur Miller
2nd 1972 246 GTS Richard Handin
3rd 1971 246 GTS David Pham


1st 1980 308 GTS Thomas Mouradick
2nd 1979 308 GTS Robert Grotty
3rd 1979 308 GTS Stan Sackley


1st 1990 Testarossa Tony Hart
2nd 1993 512 TR Chuck Lamb
3rd 1992 348 TS Sport Special Chuck Lamb


1st 1997 F355 Berlinetta Bill Moore
2nd 1995 456 GT Kim Stuart
3rd 1995 456 GT Neville Price