FCA/SW Region Annual Election Meeting at NHRA

Article by Wally Clark Photos by the author

The FCA SW Region annual election meeting was held at the National Hot Rod Association Motorsports Museum on Saturday, June 3rd in Pomona. About 35 members attended and some even brought their Ferraris. We were able to park the cars near the entrance, so it was a nice display.

Lunch was served by C&C Concessions and we ate outside in the "redwood" area. It was forcast to be really warm that day, but it was actually very nice! The museum was kind enough to set up chairs in a meeting area for us inside. After lunch, we convened inside and President Marv Landon presided over the counting of the ballots.

The newly elected Board members are Demetri Zafiris and Kevork Hazarian. Bill Ingliss was also re-elected. Still serving another term are President Marv Landon, and directors Carlos Amato, Marshall Leib, Murray Cogan, Walter Meyer and Michael Yedor. New officers will be elected from this group by this group at the next Board meeting in July. The voting was real close, I might add! On behalf of the Club, I want to thank the Board members who have served us, but were not re-elected - Tino Mingori and Alan Woodard.

About the museum - if you have not had a chance to see this facility and you are a fan of Drag Racing, you need to go! Some of the more famous cars are on display there - from the early 50's cars to the rear engine top fuel cars of a few years ago. Among them are the "Glass Slipper" streamliner from the 50's, the Stone, Woods, and Cook '41 Willys A/Gas car, TV Tommy Ivo's famous "T" street rod and his four engined dragster, and a great group of drag cars from every era. Mickey Thompson's four engined Pontiac powered Bonneville car is there, as is the most famous twin engine car of all, the Nye/Frank "Freight Train" AA/Gas dragster.

Surrounding the displays of cars are glass cases full of historical items and mementos from the early days of drag racing. This is a great place to have a meeting! Our thanks to Steve Gibbs of the museum for helping to set up the event for us.