Botanical Gardens Ferrari & Pantera Picnic

Article by Don West

Photos by Wally Clark

On Saturday, September 16th, just 6 days after the Palos Verdes Concourse, our annual picnic with the South Bay Pantera Club was held. As in the past, it was at the beautiful day at the South Coast Botanical Gardens on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The cars were displayed on one of their large lawns, which had some shade trees and wooden trellis shelters. Boy, these were certainly needed as it was a clear and hot day.

Seventeen Ferraris and twenty Panteras showed up, along with their owners, wives, girl friends and children. Although the clubs provided free soft drinks and snacks, most of the people brought picnic lunches and beverages of their choice.

This is strictly a social event with no judging involved, however most of the cars were in pristine condition. Where the Ferrari owners strive for "factory original" appearance, the Pantera enthusiasts lean toward chrome or purple engines, with polished everything in the engine compartments. It makes for an interesting contrast.

Both of these event were well publicized in Sempre and we look forward to your attending these great events in 2001.