Woodley Park Italian Car Show

Article and photos by Wally Clark

On November 5th, 2000, the Club participated in this annual event which features Italian and French cars. The weather was great and Woodley Park has a large grass area that begs to be filled with cars! We had over 25 Ferraris on the grass along with a whole lot of Fiats, Alfas, motorcycles and French cars. Jay Leno showed up with a jet powered motorcycle that sounded like a jet fighter plane! Then he left and came back with his Bugatti, because after all, French cars were featured! There was also a Moto Guzzi race bike that someone started up which sounded like a Formula 1 car!

The Ferrari Swap meet part was not particularly large, but a few Club members had some stuff to sell. There were plenty of Fiat and Alfa parts for sale (oh yeah, French stuff, too). This event keeps getting larger and more interesting every year. Thanks go the the "Under Three Liter Car" group who organizes the event and who invited the FCA to attend.