Annual Ortega Run is Wet and Wild

Article and Photo by Tom Brockmiller

February 25, 2001

Amidst the clap of thunder and downpour of rain a very hearty group of Ferrari owners brought out their steeds in spite of the weather.  Just to prove that Ferraris really don?t melt.

When we said rain or shine, we meant it. There was a marvelous turn out of some 25 cars ranging from Charles Betzs? 250 SWB to Ron Tonkins 512BBI, Holger Schuberts 355B and Steven Elworthy?s Testarossa, only to mention a few.  It was great to see all you nice people bring out such an assortment of Ferraris.  Tony and Laureen Hart came all the way from Ventura. Rogers Groves and his 330 GTC brought Bill Storey of Orange County Ferrari who had Red Ferrari tee-shirts to give away. Thanks again Bill.

In spite of the weather, we had a great drive over the Ortega Highway without a mishap. Seeing the water spew from those big rear tires was unusual, at the least. Some wipers hardly did their job.

                Lunch in the Vineyard View room of Thornton Winery is always a delight with exceptionally good food and a really congenial group of Ferrari friends.

A number of our guests were invited over to the Scorintinos after leaving the winery. A good time, for sure. While we did get a great turn out for such weather I must say we missed those of you who did not make it.  We regret eating your lunch, but, oh well, somebody has to.

Thanks to all of you for your club support and the fun time.