Ferrari of Beverly Hills Hosts Election Meeting

by Tom Brockmiller

Thanks to Giacomo Matioli and all the crew at Ferrari of Beverly Hills for accommodating our group for its 2001 election meeting on June 21st.

We, also, would like to thank Robert Petersen and Dick Messer of the Petersen Automotive Museum for the loan of their F50 as a centerpiece.

An Italian buffet was offered to our guests as our outgoing president, Marv Landon, presided over the meeting.  We thought it important to display for the first time our new banner for our upcoming "2002" International Meet in Century City, the theme being "Racing Ferraris of the 1950's."  

Marv showed the group our professional digital presentation used for sponsorship and our National Board.  It defines each area of the five day event in a text and pictorial manner. As of this issue and forthcoming Prancing Horse and national newsletters, you will become acquainted with how really special and important the meet is to your region. This is the first time that we have had a FCA Annual Meet in Southern California.

Without further words let me introduce to you your new board of directors. They are:

Marv Landon -        Chairman of the Board
Bill Inglis -              President
Don West -              Vice President
Carlos Amato -        Secretary
Demetri Zafiris -      Treasurer
Craig Ekberg  -       Board member
Kevork Hazarian -  Board member
Marshall Leib -       Board member
Walter Meyer -     Board member

We all want to thank the outgoing members who have served most unselfishly of their time and effort.  We would also like to thank those who offered to run and are still doing the work whether they are members of the board or not. Their effort is especially appreciated.

Photo caption: From left - Carlos Amato, Craig Ekberg, Kevork Hazarian, Don West, Walter Meyer, Bill Inglis, Murray Cogan, Demetri Zafiris, Marshall Leib and Marv Landon.