First Southwest Region Christmas Party Deemed a Success

Article by Tom Brockmiller

Photos by Danny Clark

In some ways, it doesn?t feel good to hash over an old party from Christmas, since it?s come and gone. We had a great time. Those of you who weren?t there will never know except by the pictures. Sabatino?s famous Italian Sausage Restaurant in Newport Beach catered a fabulous dinner in the clubhouse overlooking the pool. Taste buds flourished and needed immediate extinguishing from the Sicilian summer. The drink of choice was the red grappa. I was wrong again thinking that most people still like white. Ah, the  diversity of those Americans. Creatures of survival, they switched mid-stream. 

And then on to the tent on the beach to watch the Newport Beach Festival of Lights boat parade with heaters, FCA cake, coffee and more of that left over white stuff. I love being spoiled. I deserve. I could go on about how many wonderful celebrity people there were but in truth we only had room for fifty celebrities. 

Next year, our 2nd annual Marv Landon?s Christmas Party, will be December 22nd, on the beach, Lido Peninsula, with plenty of room for all and lots of red.  Marv, thanks for a great evening.