Letter From the Editor

As many of you know, this is only the second edition of our new Southwest Region Newsletter. We've received many positive comments on the layout and we thank you for the kind words.

This month's issue was a rush-job to get it out in time for you to plan for the picnic and Willow events. We've included many 348 Challenge Series articles since our region's race is coming up at the end of the month at Willow Springs. Don't miss this event - it is a real bargain at only $125.00 for a two-day track event, great dinner, and the 348 Challenge races. Register by 7/15 to avoid the late fee. See the registration form on page 8 for details.

We had a great first event - Rodeo Drive II, see page 12 for a review. Our other events are shaping up nicely and we hope to see you there. Also, we need more pictures, more classifieds, and more ideas. Call or write to us.

The suggested names for our new Newsletter have been trickling in. Below are some samples received to date:

  • Sempre Rosso or Sempre Ferrari
  • Tutto Rosso, Ferrari, or Maranello
  • Il Commentator
  • Rosso Ramparte
  • Forza Rosse or Forza Ferrari
  • Spirito Rosso, Ramparte, or Ferrari
  • or, for the Italian challenged...
  • Hi Speed News
  • Swerrari
  • Cool Ponies
  • Southwest Ponies
  • Hi Ferrocity

Let us know your thoughts and ideas.