Ferraris on Rodeo Drive II - The Ultimate Father's Day

By: Matthew Ettinger

This Father's day, June 19th, the City of Beverly Hills lived up to its long and fabulous reputation for excitement. The City allowed a great herd of magnificent pure bred stallions free range up and down its world famous Rodeo Drive. This spirited herd was begrudgingly tamed down long enough to be corralled into a uniform display in front of Rodeo Drive's famous shops (one of course would have preferred to see them stampeding at speed sending pedestrians diving for cover, but then again that's my twisted mind for you.

These stallions were some of Enzo's most magnificent machines. This is its second year in a row for Ferrari to appear exclusively on Rodeo Drive. This event was co- "championed by the City of Beverly Hills and The Ferrari Club of America's newly formed Southwest region. "Everything that is Ferrari" was quite well imaged by the rows of diverse models and was quite well received by a very full crowd of beautiful people escorted by picture perfect Southern California weather. Many of you on the West coast were fortunate to experience last year's Ferrari on Rodeo Drive with the introduction of the new 348 Spyder. This year's event was as exciting on a somewhat smaller scale but surely not lacking in the passionate embrace of Ferrari excitement.

The FCA Southwest region also manned a membership booth introducing the great line up of events planned for the rest of 94 plus great t-shirts marking this event, along with bottles of yuppie water given away free to the thirsty.

This event looks to be planned every year with the factory doing events in this slot according to a planned calendar. I personally would like to see this Rodeo Drive FCA Ferrari event next year and the years after just clouded with masses of people drooling waves of moisture and marvel with an almost deafening underlying beat of oooohs and ahs...SLAP! Boy, I needed that.

I would love to describe all the wonderful Ferraris in detail but space does not permit. Suffice to say that there were over 50 cars, including a 365 GTB/4 Comp, a 512 BB/LM, no fewer than 3 F40s and 4 348 Challenge cars, Daytonas, GTOs, Dinos, you name it. So come out next year as a member of the FCA and the Southwest region and experience first hand "Everything that is Ferrari."