PV Picnic


By: Tom Brockmiller

The South Coast Botanical Gardens and Linda and Tom Brockmiller hosted a fine gathering of friends and Ferrari?s, 20 to be exact, in this beautiful setting on the Palos Verdes peninsula. There were cars ranging from Ron Pinto's 212 Export Coupe to the Mingori's exquisite 365 GTB/4 and on to two 348 spyders, as well as the Brockmiller's 512 TR - a great sampling of vintage to contemporary examples. Even Denny Schue arrived in a brand new ?RED? car that had dual exhausts and a ?convertible top.? Bob DePrincipe's most original and correct Dino GT was among the well placed and executed event.

212 Export s/n 175E Ron Pinto's 1951 212 Export s/n 175E. This car has run the Mille Miglia.

Background music - Italian opera, of course - was supplied by a rather expensive sound system, created in Germany and provided, for the sake of mobility, with four BMW wheels - "The Ultimate Sound Machine."

BMW Boombox "The Ultimate Sound Machine."

Cold drinks of all varieties and a bring your own picnic under the trees, created a setting that was only overshadowed by the cars themselves. The Echbergs certainly outdid us all in their presentation of a picnic - Champagne on ice, pate?, caviar, and a handsome couple made it all reminiscent of the good old Mark Dees events - minus the Roman togas.

348 Spyder owners, the Echberg's and Tom Salken at the picnic. The Echberg's red spyder is shown. Tom's is black.

The weather could not have been better and the attendees were all interesting. Tom Salken brought his 348 Spyder, Marshall and Vivi Leib were in the truly special 288 GTO, the Dworak?s had their 328 (moving, we hear, to Tahoe -good luck), Bill & Bonnie Inglis and their always immaculate cars - this time a 330 GTC were present, Jim Tanner, Raphael Rojas, and hopefully I?ve only missed a few - but - oh yes, the person who always drives the furthest and is the most supportive, our friend John Kiland of Las Vegas brought his new 308 GTB. John?s also preparing a unique 308 GT4 race car - but John, no-one has seen your hidden secret: the 512 Boxer. Does it exist?

308 GTOMarshall Lieb's gorgeous "308" GTO

Let us also recognize three most special people, The Littrells - Jeff, Sunni and Allison, always dedicated to the Ferrari cause and displaying his proper touring car - 365 GTC/4. And speaking of a special non-Italian fare THEY picnicked on Sushi, but we got to share - thanks.

Marshall Lieb Marshall Lieb and friend look at some Ferrari art while at the picnic.

Guess what? Steve Tillack arrived with a beauty - I mean two beauties - one was a 330 GTS - as in spyder - top down or off whichever strikes you fancy.

Next year - as tradition would have it - the Brockmillers are planning a bigger and more unique event with live music, casual car judging, and a surprise costume event. However, their first concern is to maintain this event as a casual and relaxed gathering of new and old friends and let the cars be the excuse. We thank them for their past and future efforts.