President's Corner

By: Judd Goldfeder

Three things which happened in the past month put the spotlight on what can be a major problem for those of us who have cars made after 1965 which have difficulty passing the smog ?sniff? test.

  1. I received, from the Department of Motor Vehicles, my notice to renew registration which had the dreaded words ?SMOG CERTIFICATE REQUIRED? and a sheet of information regarding how to comply along with it. Something caught my eye under the section entitled ?If Your Vehicle Fails.? ?Two consecutive waivers will not be issued after January 1, 1995.?

  2. A long time friend and club member who owns a 275 GTB called. He had received the same notices and wanted to know what to do since his car cannot pass the exhaust emissions test.

  3. Another friend called with a similar question.

What is the problem? In the past, cars like mine and those owned by my friends who called, which were mechanically legal but could not pass the sniff test, paid a visit to the ?referee? and were issued a waiver. The legislature, with prodding from Washington, has now eliminated the waiver for cars which cannot be repaired to pass the sniff test. This law makes no distinction between cars which are used for transportation and those which are collectable. We can get one more waiver which is good for two years, then no more.

What are our alternatives? Move to a County where a smog check is not required, move out of California or enjoy a garage queen.

This is a political issue on which we should make our voices heard. Yes, there are many daily drivers out there which pollute and should be repaired or junked. But, what about the collector cars which are driven occasionally and should be preserved as part of our heritage? As the law now stands there will be no exemption for them.

I think the law should be changed. What do you think? To be heard we must join with other car clubs and explain the problem to our legislators. Send me a letter with your opinion. If you belong to other car clubs let me know what they are doing about this. If you know a legislator, write to him (or her) and send me a copy of the letter. If you have other ideas call or write me.

Keep on driving!