Upcoming Events

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A new year is already upon us and that means planning a whole new series of events to keep those horses exercised. An "Events Meeting" was held on October 11th in an effort to assemble together many of the people who have time and/or ideas to offer towards next year's events. Included below are the results of that meeting.

We want to continue with some of last year's formats and events - always with the possibility of improvement. We also want to regionalize the events committees so that we may get the most creativity and involvement.

Our "general meetings," which really started out as board meetings, have grown to great importance and are the single largest reason for gaining new members. We want to always have these well planned and of interest to the membership and to rotate between regions. Normally these happen the last Tuesday of the month.

We decided to form groups based on the events rather then strictly by region - that is to say that while there will still be emphasis on creating regional events, it was felt that certain people will be more productive and have greater interest in specific duties. It was a unanimous decision. The new groups are shown below.

Tom Brockmiller
Marshall Leib
Judi Givant
Don Caverhill
Cris Vandagrif
Marv Landon
Michael Lederman
Alan Woodard
Michael Lederman
Ride and Drive
Tino Mingori
Bill Inglis
Concours and Show
Wally Clark
Don West
Alan Woodard
Gourmet and Creative Dining
Judi Givant
Don Caverhill
Murrary Cogan
Matt Ettinger
Jeff Littrell

We invite and encourage the inter-relationship between groups and persons to create the best and most interesting events for the general interest of the membership with emphasis on varied settings.

Regional Events Chairs:

San Fernando Valley
Tino Mingori
Bill Inglis
Kevork Hazarian
Orange County
Wally Clark
Alan Woodard
Barry Konier
Ron Adams
Las Vegas
John Kiland
San Diego
Unfilled - we need a volunteer. Call Judd Goldfedder

We want to encourage our entire membership to suggest events in any of the regions - we are NOT concerned with boundaries.

We also wish to encourage smaller events where the turnout may not be large but there will always be something happening for someone.

Suggestions for 1996 are listed in the Calendar of Events. (Repeats are marked with an asterisk (*). General Meetings are marked with (GM).)

Add to the above a generous sampling of Marv Landon's race committee events - tech sessions -more General meetings and we'll have a great year - thanks to all.

Sleigh Ride

What was formerly known as the Big Bear Sleigh Ride has been changed to the "Over the Hills and Through the Woods to a Fine Restaurant We Go" Sleigh Ride.

Bring out your "sleigh and horses" for the final event of the year. We will all meet at 9:30 am on Sunday the 10th of December for what we're sure will be a clear and beautiful day.

We will then drive at a pleasurable pace over the verdant forests of the San Bernardino highlands and stop in route for the view and refreshments. From there we'll leave the woods to proceed towards the quaint and historic town of Saugus where a "quite famous" French restaurant, with a history of it's own, awaits our luncheon pleasure. The restaurant will provide a wonderful French fare, for the bargain price of $20.00 per person and they have excellent parking.