More Web Sites

In last month's issue of Sempre Ferrari, as well as at the General Meeting at Microsoft in September, I introduced you to the Internet's World Wide Web. This month, I've included addresses (or URLs) for some more Ferrari-related sites.

Most importantly, however, Sempre Ferrari is on the net! As a sample and test for the FCA, I've put together the beginnings of an Internet presence for the FCA. It includes general club information, details on the various regions, an area for Prancing Horse, information on the current Ferrari models, and (of course) Sempre Ferrari online. You can find issues from July of this year. They differ from the printed version in that the pictures are color, there are sometimes more pictures, and the online version is available long before the printed version hits your mailbox. This may change in the future, so as not to cannibalize membership, but for now that's the way it is. Let me know what you think.