Last Track Event of 1995 - Willow Springs

November 4th and 5th saw the final FCA track event of the year - and it was a great success. As usual, we partnered with the Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California (AROSC) to participate in their time trials and race at Willow Springs International Raceway.

We've said it before but we'll say it again - if you don't try driving your Ferrari on the track once in a while you're missing the opportunity to have the time of your life in your car. Ferraris were designed to be driven. They are famous for their long and lustrous competition heritage. Who are you to jeopardize that hard earned reputation by creating a "garage queen?"

Gassing Up a 308 Gassing up with the good stuff - 115 octane (at Italian petrol prices).

Fortunately, our pleas haven't fallen on deaf ears. We had the largest Ferrari turn-out of the year. While it only amounted to about 10 Ferraris, it's still better than we've been doing and we were missing a couple regulars like Arthur Trejo and Nick Paris so there were lots of new faces. We hope the trend continues and that we'll see you at Willow next February.

Ferraris at Willow November 4th and 5th

  • Dave Candle 19?? 308 GTSi s/n ?????
  • Denise Stillman 1988 328 GTS s/n ?????
  • Drew Kelly 1967 330 GTC s/n 9911
  • Gary St. Amour 1990 348 ts s/n 87888
  • Joe Kunz 1989 Testarossa s/n 83643
  • Joe Maddocks 1984 512 BBi s/n 50749
  • Joe San Paulo 1978 308 GTS s/n 23915
  • Joel Quaid 1991 348 ts s/n 89754
  • Neil Miller 1989 Monidal Coupe s/n 82583
  • Vance Maddocks 1975 308 GT4 s/n 10360
The weather was perfect, hovering in the seventies all day, and the entire turn-out was quite large. Lots of people must have wanted to get in that last fling before winter. Still, track time was abundant and everyone seemed to have fun.

Denise Stillman in 328 Denise Stillman gives a "thumbs up" at she sits on grid in her 328 GTS.

It has been particularly enjoyable to see the "racing bug" bite a fellow Ferraristi. Joel Quaid has been mentioned in these pages before. He owns a drop-dead gorgeous metallic blue 348 ts with cream interior - and he races it. Joel has followed the path of many before him. He started out getting his feet wet in the introductory follow-the-leader sessions. He liked driving his Ferrari at high speed without fear of the authorities so much that he invested in a 5-point harness and fire bottle and moved up to the novice time trial group. From there he bought a nomex driving suit, some racing shoes, etc. and kept time trialing.

Joel Quaid Joel Quaid smiles at the thought of turn 9 on slicks.

This month, however, he went completely over the top.

What shows up at Willow this time but a sport utility towing a brand new (blue of course) flat bed trailer, complete with Scuderia Ferrari emblem on the storage box and Joel's 348 on top? Not only that, but as soon as he gets parked, he drops the tail gate and pulls out a torque wrench. Inside the sport ute is a brand new set of F355 wheels with Pirelli slicks from the Ferrari Challenge series mounted on them! He definitely has the bug.

Pirelli Slick Joel's new wheels and slicks. These are the tires Pirelli developed specifically for the 348s in the Ferrari Challenge.

Other Ferraris included Drew Kelly's 330 GTC, Joe Maddock's 512 BBi, Vance Maddock's 308 GT4, Joe Kunz's Testarossa, the 308s of Joe San Paulo and Dave Candle, Denise Stillman's 328 GTS, Neil Miller's Mondial, and a 348 from Gary St. Amour.

As usual, special mention has to go out to Competition Chairman, Marv Landon, who came out to the track bot