New Competition Class for Ferraris Only

New Competition Class for Ferraris Only

Did you happen to notice that none of the big winners from the FCA were driving their Ferraris? Let's face it, there are cheaper ways to go fast than a Ferrari.

Does this mean Ferraris aren't well suited to track activities? No! Ferraris relish being driven fast! And they hold up just fine. It's just that all the "go fast" racing accessories are cheaper and easier to get for cars like BMWs and 944s and drivers of these less expensive cars tend to push the limits a little further than those driving Ferraris.

So, recognizing that it is difficult for the relatively stock Ferraris to compete with all this cheap, hopped-up iron, the FCA and AROSC have decided to create a new classification for Ferraris only. Unfortunately, class "F" is already taken so Ferraris will be class "S" (like, for Scuderia or Sempre or Speed or Something). The club will provide engraved silver plates for the top finisher(s) each weekend. This will allow FCA members to win accolades every event weekend and compete head-to-head in a year-long points battle. Year-long points will be awarded retroactively for this first event, which puts Joel Quaid in the lead by 4 points over second place Arthur Trejo (points are distributed a la F1 - 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1).

Come on out and join the fun.