1996 Ferrari Challenge

The Ferrari Challenge is an organized series of races for the Ferrari 348 and F355 owners and drivers where they can experience the speed of their cars in the competitive, sporting and safe environment of a race track.

This event has been designed strictly for Ferrari customers who wish to appreciate the racing heritage of their automobiles. Coming up on its third successful season, this year the Challenge races represent only a fraction of the special Ferrari weekends which will also include touring sessions on the race tracks and rallies organized to various scenic routes around the tracks for those who wish to drive their Ferrari.

This year there are a total of 200 drivers signed up (50 in East Europe, 50 in West Europe, 30 in Italy, 25 in Japan, 30 in the USA, and 15 in the Far East). Can't decide between an old 348 or a new F355 Challenge car? Here's how they stack up:

Acceleration (0-60 mph)4.65.3
Max Speed (mph) 186174
Fiorano Lap (mins) 01:2701:33
G Forces1.381.32
In the words of Enzo Ferrari, "Test drivers often raced alongside the professionals, but the most numerous group was made up of the fans, the amateurs and the Gentleman Drivers."

1996 Ferrari Challenge Schedule

March 30-31April 12-14May 18-19June 22-23July 13-14August 2-3October
Homestead Motorsports Complex, Florida
Texas World Speedway, Texas
Road Atlanta, Georgia
Stapleton 2000, Colorado
Sears Point Raceway, California (with IMSA)
Lime Rock Park, Connecticut (with the FCA)
Mugello, Italy