President's Corner

IF YOU DIDN?T KNOW---------------------------------------

Judd Goldfeder, our illustrious President and regional director of the Ferrari Club of America, Southwest region?s, term has expired. At the meeting of the newly elected Board of directors on May 21st , Tom Brockmiller was made President and Regional director. Tom brings with him twenty-five years of Ferrari ownership and involvement . His commitment is to perpetuate what Judd created in the start-up of our local chapter. Emphasis will be placed on getting events scheduled earlier, concours & show involvement ,Track time, and membership. In Tom?s words; "we have always been a club know for car-involvement , and the need to create activities that heighten the enjoyment and participation of driving Ferrari?s is why our club is successful. Technical and factory support only furthers our cause".

We would like all to know that the quick success and the quality of our "Southwest region" Ferrari Club would not have been possible without the untiring commitment of two people: Judd as President and Jeff Littrell as editor of our most noteworthy newsletter. Together, but not alone, these two gave us a jump-start that would not have otherwise been possible.

Their professionalism and drive brought together a group of us that are truly excited to be a continuing part of a fine organization. Judd - Jeff, we applaud you and thank you for what you have done. We also realize that you are not "going anywhere" and that we can count on your continued guidance and support. Here?s to a great new "THIRD" YEAR.