F50s in Arizona

By: Ron Adams

On May 3rd, Arizona?s only authorized Ferrari dealership "Cavallino Classics" hosted a spectacular party celebrating the arrival of the new Ferrari F50. Roughly 240 people came to see this latest Ferrari. But when people arrived expecting an F50 and only an F50, they were treated to a wonderful display of a 250 GTO, 288 GTO, F40, and the F50. And if that wasn?t enough, Cavallino Classics presented a walk through history matched only by the biggest of Ferrari events. The car show included a range of Ferrari GT cars including a 275GTB/4, 356GTB/4. 512BB, Testarossa, and a F512M. The display of open Ferraris included 275GTS, 365TS/4, 348Spider, and a F355 Spider. And if that wasn?t enough, the parking lot was bumper to bumper with 308s, 328s, 348s, 355s, and TRs. I can hardly wait until the F512M replacement comes out!

246PA 246P (?) in Arizona.