355 F1 Introduction at Ogner Motorcars

By: Michael Lederman

On March 5, 1998, Ogner Motorcars hosted the FCA for a Maranello F550 and F355 F1 shifter party. Despite the rain, 107 people showed up to a very informative discussion by John Ahmet (Ferrari West Coast Tech Manager) who kept a crowd of 75 enlightened and amused.

Among the FCA members present were our illustrious Pres Wally Clark, Cy Yedor, Shin Takei, Marshall Leib, Dr. Ron Singer, Brain Quadt and Don Medor. Stan and Irv Ogner were present with their families and the Ogner sales Staff and Service Staff were there to answer questions.

Some F1 shifter rides were given but the rain endured and rides gave way to coffee and dessert. An Italian-theme dinner was served by Ogner and the Restaurant Porta Via of Beverly Hills did the honors. Might I say they did an excellent job and the food was sensational. People lingered till way past nine o?clock and the "unknown" 3 from Malibu colony arrived at 9:30 p.m. to have late dinner and discussion with yours truly. An F1 order was completed at the end of the evening. We at Ogner Motorcars welcome all FCA members. Please see Michael Lederman for the 10% service discount on parts and labor. We also offer tech inspections and the Ferrari driving school held at Willow Springs Raceway eight times a year. All members also have a 15% discount on all boutique tems. See Michael Lederman for a square deal on new and used car purchases. Michael offers enclosed carrier pickup and delivery from house or office for any Ferraris purchased from Ogner Motorcars. We also offer enclosed carrier delivery to the Palo Alto concours and Monterey.