If it Says......It Really Means

Thanks to: Judd Goldfeder

Rare Model Nobdy liked them when they were new
Older Restoration Can?t tell it?s been restored.
Needs engine work It?s been frozen for 30 years.
Uses no oil Just throws it out.
No rust Body and fenders are missing.
Rough It?s too bad to even lie about.
One owner Never been able to sell.
No time to complete Can?t find parts anywhere.
Needs interior Seats are gone.
Rebuilt engine Has new sparkplugs.
May run But it never has.
Low mileage Third time around the odometer.
Many new parts It keeps braeking down.
29 coats hand-rubbed paint Needed that much to cover rust.
Clean It sat out in the rain yesterday.
Best offer About what I expected to get.
Always driven slowly Won?t go any faster.
Prize winner Hard luck throphy 3 times in a row.
Stored 25 years Under a tree.
Real show stopper Orange with purple fenders.
Easy restoration Parts will crumble in your hands.
Ready to show Just wash it.
Top good It only leaks when it rains.
Good investment Can?t depreciate anymore.