Welcome the First Issue of Sempre Ferrari

Welcome to the first issue of Sempre Ferrari, the official Newsletter of the FCA?s Southwest Region. Of course, the Newsletter is the same one you?ve come to know and (I hope) love, only the name has changed.

From the first issue, we had hoped that we?d come up with a more engaging name than just "The Newsletter" and we held a contest to come up with a new title. Well, the suggestions flowed in and by the time we put it to vote at the September meeting we had over 20 names to choose from. A special thanks to all the members who sent in suggestions - we need that kind of participation.

As you can see, the winner was "Sempre Ferrari" which was submitted by none other that our Competition Chairman and resident Italian, Frank Carlone. Sempre Ferrari roughly translates to "Forever Ferrari" and therefore seems quite appropriate. Of course, it helps that we can all pronounce it.

Thanks to all the members who attended September?s meeting and voted. Congratulations to Frank Carlone for yet another lasting contribution to the club.