Book Review - "Salute to Ferrari"

By: Judd Goldfeder

Louis Klementaski and Jesse Alexander. These two legendary racing photographers do not need any introduction to us. Their pictures of racing Ferraris and other cars too are legendary.

This new book, published just in time for the Monterey event, is a work of art. Oversize (9 1/2 X 13), a limited printing on very fine paper--63 pages, each one is a work of art. To quote from the descriptive memorandum which is included with the book:

"In making Salute to Ferrari, we wished to create a book to which the reader would wish to return time and again, always gaining new insights and impressions from its images."

I have opened it several times and never tire of gazing at the pictures, which are beautiful and exciting. So far my favorite is on page 54, Giorgio Scarlatti leaping from a flaming Ferrari at the Nurburgring. The comments, written by the photographers, while short, are personal and give me the feeling of "being there."

I generally find books of photography to be boring but this one is alive and timeless.

"Salute to Ferrari"
Louis Klementaski and Jesse Alexander

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