President's Corner

By Marv Landon

Thank you all for the chance to lead the F.C.A. Southwest Region. We, the new officers and board, along with our committee heads, have a challenge to continue the club's growth and spirit of camaraderie we all have grown to enjoy.

The club's history is quite impressive, 500 members in just a few years, plus financial strength brought by sound management of funds and events.

Our calendar is filled with wonderful events ranging from concours to auto repair and restoration garages, museums, ride and drives, track events and school driving opportunities, plus a host of other activities.

As we go through the next two years, I will focus on preserving our financial management, while keeping our club running by sticking to the by-laws. I will support Michael Yedor, as he leads the way to 2002 where we will host the Nationals in Century City. This promises to be a world class event under Michael's direction and he needs our help.

Come and join us the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM, when we plan the club's activities. We meet at the Stick & Stein Restaurant, located at 707 North Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, CA. The club provides breakfast.

One of the best ways to enjoy our cars is with other enthusiasts, and enjoy them we do.

The following is a list of the new board members:

Board Members

Wally Clark Chairman
Marvin Landon President
Michael Yedor Vice President
Murray Cogan Secretary
Alan Woodward Dealer Representative/Treasurer
Bill Ingles Events Chairman
Marshall Leib Show Promotions
Tino Mingori Rides and Drives
Walter Meyer Board Member
Carlos Amato Board Member

Committee Heads

Tom Brockmiller - Events Chairman
Rose Cogan - Advertising
Judd Goldfeder - National Advisor
Kevork Hazarian - Track Chairman
Brian Quadt - Membership Chairman
Carolyn Quadt - Membership Chairperson
Don West - Concours Chairman
Cy Yedor - Finance Chairman
Demetri N. Zafiris - Club Office