Calabasas to Malibu Run and Picnic

Article by Michael Greenwald

Photos courtesy Bill Inglis

a.k.a our third non-stop trip to the beach with nearly eighty ferraris tracing the double yellow line of mulholland drive with the left fron wheel wishing that this could be our daily commute where stop signs and bystanders turn green with envy?

On Sunday morning June 27, 1999, the parking lot at the beautiful Commons Center was anything but common. The parking lot came alive with over 75 beautiful Ferraris and about 160 enthusiastic guests which meant that our third annual Malibu Run and picnic was about to begin. Everyone had coffee, juice and a baguette from the Corner Bakery and enjoyed the incredible collection of beautiful Prancing Stallions. The early sign ups got their commemorative Beach Towels. Just before 11:00 am the L.A.P.D. and Sheriffs arrived to help with traffic and at 11:00 sharp we left the Commons.

We enjoyed a beautiful drive through Mulholland to Kanan and then to Pacific Coast Highway. This year's drive was almost twice as long as last year's. The C.H.P. was at the key intersections to assist us on our drive. Before you knew it we were at the historic Adamson House with it's lush lawns and incredible ocean views for a great picnic lunch prepared by the fabulous Monrose Catering. Most of us toured the house while our cars were being watched over by the California State Park Rangers.

What a day?Ferraris?great people?great surroundings?a fun drive?and more Ferraris. This event would not be possible without a lot of help. Our gratitude to our special friends at the L.A.P.D. West Valley Division, Officer Joe Jakl at L.A. Sheriffs, Officer Dwight McDonald at C.H.P., Ranger Lynette Falk at California Rangers and the rest of my support team. Thanks also to Marshall Leib for rounding up FCA members to participate on this drive. Without the help of all these committed people this event would never come together.

Malibu Run number FOUR will be in June 2000, so watch for the details and hope you all enjoyed the day. For any other information or early sign up call Michael at 818 368-0096.