President's Corner

By Marvin Landon

Dear FCA Members,

I would like to invite all of you to join us at our upcoming FCA events. We want all members to enjoy their cars beyond cruising or taking a Sunday drive.

To show your car at most of our events means clean it up and show it, (rock chips do not count against you).  If you want your car judged for competition at a show, usually we can accommodate you.  But if you would simply like to show your car for the sheer fun of it, you can.

Driving events are much the same. Drive to an interesting location, kick tires, enjoy visiting with other Ferrari owners. The track events we get involved with are also wonderful day and weekend experiences. The driving schools are fun, informative and you will enjoy the whole experience. The large track at Willow Springs used for run groups and touring with instructors is also an exhilarating way to enjoy your car and learn more about the handling characteristics of your Ferrari. You drive against yourself without the pressure of red lights appearing in your rear view mirror. If you have not been to the track and would like to get an idea of how things are done, then you can visit, and if you like, drive your car on a lead and follow touring group during lunch, (about 20 minutes). You will be following a track instructor at safe speeds, but still fast enough to get a feel for being on a full fledge race track.

Board meetings are a lot of fun and very informative in regards to our goals and activities. They are a good way to meet other members and we have covered parking and a complimentary breakfast buffet at the Ramada on El Segundo and the 405 freeway.

I hope you will pick events that are of interest to you. Come out and join us with other club members. 

Remember, Ferraris are meant to be driven.

Cordially yours,

Marv Landon

FCA Southwest Regional President