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Speciality Equipment Manufacturers Association Notification About Potential Legislation Threat to Older Vehicles

SEMA Action Network Legislative Alert

California Legislation Would Eliminate Emissions Testing Exemption for Older Cars

Legislation has been introduced in the California Senate to repeal the state?s current rolling emission test exemption for vehicles 30-years old and older. S.B. 1172 repeals the current pro-hobbyist exemption and replaces it with a static exemption for pre-1974 vehicles. S.B. 800 repeals the current exemption and replaces it with a static exemption for pre-1975 vehicles.

However, Sen Maurice Johannessen (a long-time friend of the hobby) introduced S.B. 800 and we believe strongly that this bill will be amended to remove the repeal language. At this point, we do not believe that S.B. 800 poses a threat to the hobby. Therefore car enthusiasts are urged to contact your State Senators immediately to Oppose S.B. 1172.

Existing law in California exempts all pre-1974 vehicles from emissions testing until 2003. After 2003, vehicles 30-years old and older will be exempt from emissions testing. California?s current emissions testing exemption recognizes the minimal impact of vehicles 30-years old and older on vehicle emissions and air quality.

Vehicles 30-years old and older constitute a small portion of the overall vehicle population (currently less than 3% of the over 23 million vehicles in California) and are a poor source from which to look for emissions reduction.

Antique and classic vehicles are overwhelmingly well maintained and infrequently driven (about one-third the miles each year as a new vehicle).

Legislators and regulators are feeling the pressure from a failed effort to meet air quality goals and are looking for a convenient scapegoat. The old car hobby should not carry the burden of their mistakes!

Contact your state senators to oppose S.B. 1172. To find our who your state senators are, contact the California Senate general information line at 916.445.4311. This information can also be accessed on the Internet at: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/sen-addresses.html or by calling the SEMA Washington, DC office at 202.783.6007.

In addition to sending your letters to your Senator, please fax a copy of your letters to SEMA at 202.783.6024 or mail to:

SEMA Washington Office
1317 F. St. NW, Ste. 500
Washington, D.C. 20004
Attn: Steve McDonald/Brian Caudill