Monterey Ride and Drive

Article and photos by Bill Inglis

We had a large turn out at Taft High School in Woodland Hills.  Twenty-one Ferraris of all years and models along with two cars of other makes arrived, eager to make a trip up the coast for a luncheon at Café Roma in San Luis Obispo.  It was a beautiful day and traffic was light on Highway 101.  After passing through Santa Barbara, we took the turn off to Lake Cachuma and had a 15-minute rest stop at the Lake Cachuma Recreational Area. 

 We arrived at Café Roma around noon and were treated to a wonderful Italian buffet luncheon.  After running out of food in the first 10 minutes, the food was quickly replenished and everyone was left satisfied.  Mechanical trouble came about when Robert Biger?s car broke a clutch cable in the parking lot right in front of Café Roma.  If there had to be any trouble, this was a nice place for it to happen.  Not to be delayed by such mechanical problems, Robert immediately rented a car and drove to Monterey for the festive weekend.  His car was repaired in Santa Barbara and everything is back to normal. 

About ten cars decided to go up Highway 1 with the balance of the remaining cars taking Highway 101.  I led the pack up Highway 101 and it was uneventful and smooth sailing right into Monterey and Carmel.  I think we had the most participation we have ever had this year.  Everyone seemed to enjoy each other?s company.  More good news is that we picked up a couple of new FCA members who joined the club after the ride.

Bill Inglis